Sparrow Links

  1. Table showing trend data for the distribution of House Sparrows in all the States of the USA.
  2. Résumé of study on neophobia and foraging in House Sparrows. Author: Lynn Fletcher.
  3. BBC's Top Ten garden birds site including House Sparrow and sounds
  4. Bumpus' House Sparrow Data: a worthwhile exercise for students.
  5. Life history and history of introduction of House Sparrows in Nova Scotia (USA) including nice drawings.
  6. Master list and Distribution maps of House Sparrows in the USA.
  7. Another route to the same maps.
  8. Life history data and yet another access point for distribution maps in USA, probably the best.
  9. Life history including paintings of adult male and female, and photo of nest.
  10. Covert Observations of Nesting Sparrows (Scientific American- Amateur Scientist).
  11. Home page of Ted Anderson: Ecologist specialising in House Sparrows.
  12. An example of wishful thinking: the RBB HUISMUSSENPAN (showing a special roofing tile with a nesting cavity for sparrows - in Dutch: which suggests that the shortage of nesting sites is behind the population decline!
  13. Another independent survey with a very similar method in quite another habitat the Orkney House Sparrow Survey - a site I strongly recommend
  14. Fact sheet of the House Sparrow in the Birds of Britain bird guide, including nice paintings.
  15. House Sparrow stamps, including world map showing distribution (natural and introduced).
  16. Another survey site from the UK, (this month UK Wild 2000 survey) including nice to know facts about House Sparrow behavior.
  17. What the black bib of the male House Sparrow discloses
  18. Research on sexual selection in House Sparrows.
  19. House Sparrow eggs
  20. For UK citizens only: ever thought you could win £5000 by studying House Sparrows? Here is how! See also the follow-up stories in The Independent of August 10, 2000 and September 4, 2000
  21. Statistics on breeding pairs of House Sparrows in the Netherlands.
  22. Study of habitat use of urban House Sparrows in Hamburg by Simon Bower. Another site I highly recommend (in German).
  23. Information on a House Sparrow survey in the Netherlands (a cooperation between SOVON and KNNV - in Dutch).
  24. More information on a House Sparrow survey in the Netherlands (a cooperation between SOVON and KNNV - in Dutch).

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